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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Zip, Zilch, Nada

Well, there's not much to tell around here. No knitting has happened in this house today, though I had a strong urge to finish the bag I'm going to felt (I may experiment with that Shibori funness that I saw in the Fall IK that came in yesterday. Never did get the Summer one, though!). I don't even have any fun pictures to show you, unless you're interested in seeing my newly-organized/categorized bookshelf (no cute labels, though - my husband strongly objects to labels here). It's a beautiful thing to see a room begin to transform from a pig sty into a liveable space. Actually, you have to put on blinders to not see the mess the rest of the room becomes while you're sorting and making piles of things to give away and throw away. Just focus on the bookshelves, and everything is rosey.

The cloud of dust I've rustled up with all the organizing has screwed up my allergies (that have recently been under control), which caused me to take a couple of Benadryl (not remembering that the two they recommend on the box is way more than the one needed to do the job), which caused me to spend the day in an uncomfortable jittery/hazy state (Do you want to see how long we can make this sentence draw out? Nah, we'll stop here.).

So, instead of making this no-content post painfully long, we'll stop here and possibly do a bit of a knitting to chat about tomorrow.