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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Secret Pal Delights

How exciting. I got mail today - and not the Meg Ryan movie kind. Real snail mail. And, guess what was in there?

Looking at the picture here, my current Secret Pal is having one of those "Whaaa?" moments. That's because she only sent one of the two skeins you see here - the white one. Isn't it lovely? Miles and miles of 100% alpaca. So soft. And, such a beautiful bright white, too. She also sent me a variety of Kool-Aid colors to play with. Thank you so much, Secret Pal.

And, the other skein that snuck in there is something that my previous Pal, Cara , sent along with some Peace Fleece knitting needles that are so fancy I may be afraid to use them (nah, not really, but they're cute) and some notecards featuring her own beautiful photography. I didn't take pictures of them, because I'd never do them justice. Take a look at her blog, though, and you'll see what she's capable of with that camera of hers. Notice, too, that she sells these notecards. Having seen them in person, I have to tell you they would be worth every penny she's asking for them. They're so stunning, I wouldn't even consider sending them to someone. I'll be framing them to decorate the new house. I'm that selfish.

Oh, and for those of you concerned about the state of my little one's... well - little one. Not to worry. He really was quite gentle about the whole smashing-it-between-two-rocks thing. No children were injured in this stunt. In fact, it was more like he sandwiched it. Incidentally, I've seen him wrap it around things, too (it is apparently at this stage of their development that males get zoom-vision and decide it's a whole foot long).