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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Handmade Circular Knitting Needle Case (Inside)

So, here's the inside section of the latest creation (see previous post).

I know you're wondering if I chopped up a bra for that elastic, but I had some lingerie elastic on hand (and I think it looks cute there).

Oh, and I have to mention where I got the book binding for this project, because it leads us back to the organizing effort. So, yesterday, I found several things that have made me really happy I'm organizing the house. The first was the book binding, which was the exterior of an agenda my husband got free from the last job he had. In keeping with my efforts to become a creative tightwad (along with the organizing) so I won't have to skimp on yarn), I ripped out the pages and kept the outside, thinking I'd surely find a use for it someday. Little did I know, it would get used the very next day.

So, the other things I found were actually scary in some cases...

1) The book shelf was hanging together by a thread and could have fallen on the kids at some point soon.

2) The outlet thingie (its technical name, I'm sure) that allows several things to be plugged in at once was frying and could have burned the house down.

less scary...

3) Found three books my husband and I had been wondering about lately (most notably is a book on Chinese embroidery that I was hoping to get some knitting inspiration from).

4) Found a statement from a still-existent but long-forgotten credit union account that'll make me $28.

So, so far, from a few days of organizing, I've saved lives, saved money and even made some extra cash. How's that for motivation to keep going?

Oh, and for those of you still with me, I need opinions on my needle case. Is it okay enough to give to someone else? I'd happily use it for myself (though I don't really have tons of circulars to tame) if it doesn't seem up to snuff. What do you think? Would you be happy to receive it? I could always make another with better fabric if the consensus is that it's too goofy. So, please tell me what you think?