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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Lemme Hear Ya Say Hooooo!

Read the Label!
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Ho! Ho!

That's right. Our friendly local hookers were out working on their tans today. Cracks me up how dedicated they seem to be - because it's hot outside today. Kind of gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "roadside service", don't it? It's funny, actually, there's a little turn-off half-circle where they sit. It's almost like a drive-thru: "Welcome to Whores 'R Us. May I take your order... Would you like some fries with that?" Yeah, we have to stop this. This is going downhill fast. So, on to other things...

And, a little update on the organizing effort. I've got the cutest pantry/food shelves ever. I spent what may be considered a silly amount of time on the labels, but since I've also vowed to become a tightwad to save us some money (and lots of headaches), I wasn't about to go out and purchase a label-maker. These are so much cuter, anyway. This way, I can show off my personality a bit while organizing.

And, as a response to Anmiryam's comment that people say this organizing thing can stifle creativity: I'm not falling for it. After all, I've mixed the organizing and the creativity by making my labels. I'll post a picture of them when I take a moment to grab up my now-charged camera batteries nextdoor. I guess since Blogger's being rude and refusing to post this, I'll do it through Flickr and post the picture now.

This label is my favorite (yes, there really is a bin labeled "Eat Me!"). After all, you have to have a sense of humor in life, right? It served its purpose well, too, because my husband knew right away that this bin is where he'll find the foods I'd like to get rid of in the very near future.

The address book looks pretty much like this label, except it doesn't say "Eat Me!", though that could have been fun, I guess. It says "Addresses", oddly enough. I did it first, liked the design and made the labels in its image.

And, back to Anmiryam's comment - I'm convinced I'll be able to be even more creative once I can concentrate on my knitting/sewing without feeling guilty about ignoring housework. It just might take a while to get back to it. And, besides, I could break an all-important knitting finger tripping over the mess I'm trying to conquer here, and where would that leave my creativity?