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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Sand and Surf

Being the exhausted single-parent-for-a-week that I've been lately, I decided to take the kids to the beach this evening and let the sun, wind and waves wear them out. This tends to work like I charm, though there's one serious drawback - it wears me out, too. As a result, I didn't get much knitting in this evening (that's been the case all week long). So, nothing interesting to show today. I did, however, learn some valuable life lessons while at the beach today. And, why not share them among friends?

1) A bit of hair removal would be in order before the next trip to the beach.
2) Not a good idea to do it the same day as the next trip to the beach.
3) I'm not the thinnest lady on the beach (some exercise might be a good idea in the near future - like, say, actually taking the Pilates DVD out of its jacket and inserting it into the machine for once).
4) I'm not the fattest lady on the beach.
5) Some of those fatter ones are willing to show more skin.
6) Whoever invented Speedos had a wicked sense of humor.
7) The French seem not to have noticed this.
8) My daughter has the most adorable way of setting her jaw when she concentrates.
9) Some people amuse themselves at the beach by tattooing rocks with kids' tattoos (I meant to bring home the evidence for pictures, but I think I forgot).
10) Dogs are not man's best friend. From a very young age, boys learn that their penis is their closest friend and will remain so for the rest of their lives. My 19-month-old son, naked on the beach, is evidence of this.
11) It is apparently very cool to lay the aforementioned penis over a rock and smash it (allbeit, gently) with another rock.

I didn't take pictures of the penis smashing, which is probably for the best, because spreading that kind of stuff all over the internet can get you put in jail.

Now, I probably won't take any of these life lessons with me to the grave, but I'm betting some will be remembered for quite a while.