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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Darn Camera Batteries!

I was all set to show you a picture of the adorable little address book I made for myself today (because I had all phone numbers floating around on scraps of paper). This was all done in an effort to organize while attempting to spend the least amount of money possible. So, I amassed all the appropriate materials (that I already had on hand), spent a ridiculous amount of time fiddling with the evil software some like to call MS Word (What does MS stand for again - masochistic sh_t?). After having it spontaneously crash on me countless times, I finally printed out the cutest little sheets to chop up for my address book. Then, I bound it all (sort of). It's so sweet, I'm telling you. Too bad you can't see it. Maybe some other day. I actually liked the design so much that I modeled my kitchen pantry bin labels after it (labelling is an essential part of the organizational system, I'm learning - yeah, system - who'd have thought there was an actual system to build?).

So, I'm gradually tackling this task, which explains why there's not much knitting going on. I'll have to give myself some knitting time soon as a reward, though, because I do miss it, even if I'm finding this organization thing kind of fun.