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Saturday, June 18, 2005

What's That?

Short Row Heels
Originally uploaded by Sheepish.
For those of you who guessed: a bra for an aging Barbie, you have my twisted sense of humor, but you'd be wrong.

That is my good news. But, first, I have to share a bit more of the bad news I had forgotten for that last post. I'll get this off my chest, and then we can talk about the good stuff.

The bad stuff: we now only have three chickens left out of the original six. We lost one pretty early on. She was weird all along, and it apparently meant she was sick. The other five have been hanging around for the last few months living the high life in the country. Then, suddenly two went missing in one day. We figure it was foxes. Muttonchop saw some baby foxes playing with a rabbit tail one day, so it's a pretty safe assumption to make. Anyway, that's one of the risks of having free range chickens. Yummy eggs but chickens have a tendency to drop like flies.

Now, on to the good news, and what's in the picture. The socknitters among you may have already guessed, but others are probably stuck thinking about Barbie's boobs (I can understand that - they are pretty freaky).

Those are two short row heels knit on two circular needles. Both of these techniques are new to me, but they are both soooooo cool that I'm very excited about these socks, which will be done at the same time, so no risk of having a lonely sock moping around the house. By the way, I need to thank Louise for the sock yarn. I've been really anxious to try Cascade Fixation but haven't been able to get any yet. Louise hooked me up last time I was over at her place (I still need to tell you about the little knitogether we had over at her house last week - tomorrow maybe). This pink is so much fun. It's really bright. Every time I leave the room and come back to it, its pinkness shocks me. They'll be fun to wear.

The pattern is a méli-mélo (a French word I love - it means mixture) of several techniques I found instructions for on the net. The pattern is pretty much made-up, though. They're going to be anklets. The only reason I went for that kind of sock is because I want to have leftover yarn to make some for Lambchop #1, who loves pink in any shade these days.

So admire the heels and try not to think about Barbie.