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Monday, July 04, 2005

Frankenstein Bag

Frankenstein Bag
Originally uploaded by Sheepish.
The Fall issue of Interweave Knits has arrived, and there are all sorts of fun things to try (the cabled vest will definitely be at the top of my list). There's a great article on Shibori as it applies to knitting. It apparently being much like martial arts, there is much mystery left at the end of the article, and no explanation of the technique is given. You must go to a Shibori Dojo, young grasshopper, if you are to learn...

But, I'm the adventurous sort, and I've got this huge load of free wool to felt with, so I gave my bag a little Shibori treatment. The end product, which we fondly refer to as Frankenstein around here is in the photo to the right. Silly looking, but I'm thinking it still has some potential for greatness - alright, well, not exactly greatness, but I'm going to mess with it some more to see what we can come up with. You'll see what happens when I'm done. For now, just have a good giggle looking at its current state. That's the strap laying in front of it, by the way.

Oh, and to answer Chelee about the size of the back pre-felting... it was about 10 inches long from top to bottom. It shrank by about 40%. Oh, and if you look closely, you may see the flecks of metallic thread I held with the wool as I was knitting it.