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Friday, June 17, 2005

Bookmark Pattern

Rose Leaf Lace Bookmark

I got the idea for this lace stitch here, but I have modified it, so there should be no troubles with copyright problems. If anyone feels I am incorrect on this you may say so, but as far as copyright has been explained to me, I am able to use this stitch pattern, modified as I have done and expressed in my own way in a bookmark pattern of my own design and call it mine (not to say that I made up the stitch pattern, because I didn't).

So, here we go.

Yarn: Whatever you feel like using. I used Phildar Philsoie, which is usually knit on 4mm needles (I knit it on 3mm needles to make a stiffer fabric). This pattern is great for leftover balls of yarn.
Needles: 3mm (or size of your choice, because with a bookmark, size doesn't matter).

Thread one bead of your choice onto yarn. Cast on 19 stitches. At stitch number 10, slip the bead into the cast-on row.

Knit entire first row to set up.

Then, follow the chart from top to bottom.

Click here to download a Word document of the chart. I'm too technologically challenged to get it on my blog correctly. Maybe that will come in the future, but for now, I'm tired of trying.

Chart abbreviations:
all blank spots are knit stitches (no matter whether on the right side or wrong side of fabric)
O yarnover
* purl
X no stitch
/|\ slip 1, knit2tog, passover
/ K2tog
\ slip 1, knit1, passover

Repeat these ten rows 9 times (or until desired length is obtained) then cast off. Wash and block. Some people choose to stiffen their bookmarks in some way. If doing so, it is advised to make sure it is "archive safe". You don't want to discolor the pages of a cherished family heirloom book by accident.

Please let me know in the comments section if this pattern doesn't work out right for any reason. I'll certainly want to fix the errors.