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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Mom's Stained Glass Flowers

Mom's Stained Glass Flowers
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Wow! I mean, really. What else can we say? Well, I guess there's always something else I can say. I never quit. It's pathetic, and most likely very annoying to those who can't just click and get rid of me like you can. My chatterbox of a daughter is starting to give me an idea of what I was like when I was little. It's a bit scary. She talks almost non-stop all her waking hours - and even when she's sleeping she sometimes can't shut up. But, that's not why we're here, and she's sweet anyway and has lots of fun things to say, so we'll stop talking about her talking.

Now, to the stained glass...

This is Mom's favorite. I had never seen it before, because she gave it to my Aunt, who loves her stuff and has been wanting one for a long time. I don't know when she finished it, since I no longer even live on the same continent as the rest of the family. But, I do know it's been way too long since she's done any stained glass work. And, we're here to convince her she needs to get back on it. Mom, you've always got an online gallery here at The Stitchin' Sheep. We're proud to show off your goodies (plus it adds a bit of variety to my otherwise one-tracked-minded endeavor here). So bring 'em on.