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Saturday, May 07, 2005

The Giant Anorexic Moth

Well, as KarenK mentioned in the comment section of the previous post, no worries about the enormous moth eating my stash. I wasn't really worried at all. I couldn't really picture it devouring anything (or letting its eggs do so) since I've never even seeen any in the house before. And, after some internet searching this morning, my husband found that it is a Giant Silk Moth (making a string of silk one kilometer long). It's actually the largest moth found in Europe, and as KarenK mentioned, the moth doesn't even eat. They apparently last long enough to lay their eggs, and that's it. They die before the end of Spring (if I remember right, they start out at the beginning of Spring). So, we were lucky to have caught a glimpse of one at all.

Anyway, as my way of apologizing for the awful quality of the picture in that last post, here's a better one (found on the net) so you can see the real beauty of this moth.