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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Mom's Stepping Stone Flower

Mom's Stepping Stone Flower
Originally uploaded by Sheepish.
For those of you who were away this weekend and didn't get to see the Mother's Day posts, I suggest you scroll down or click on those posts in the sidebar labeled "The Untalented, Anonymous Commenter". I dedicated the weekend blogging to showing off someone else's finished work (don't we all get a little bored with my stuff sometimes?). And, since that someone (Mom) hadn't found any more pictures of her stained glass goodies, I only posted pictures of two of them.

Well, apparently, she can't help playing late at night with her new Mac (always been a PC user and just made the switch - never going back, I suspect) and found two more to inspire us with.

This is another stepping stone. Pretty, don't you think? But, I've saved the best for last. Her favorite will be the last thing I post this morning. After all, we want the most stunning, eye-catching pictures at the top of the page to attract attention, right?