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Sunday, May 08, 2005

The Untalented, Anonymous Commenter (Part V)

Originally uploaded by The Stitchin Sheep.
This is the only other picture of her glass projects she sent me. It's not a window decoration, though. The glass is set in some cement mixture to make a stepping stone. She has some of these in her backyard.

As you can see, she's obviously got no talent whatsoever with this whole glass cutting thing, either. Once again, time to throw in the towel and find another hobby to attempt. This one clearly isn't working for her.

I hope everyone has liked this Mother's Day installment of the blog. I'll add more pictures of her fun stained glass stuff if she sends more, but for now that's it.

And, Mom, I hope you've liked your Mother's Day gift. I feel a bit like a preschooler coming up with some homemade, unidentifiable gift-object, but I hope you like it anyway. The real intended gift here is to make you realize that you are, indeed, quite talented. And, though you may be right that you don't have "my talents", the implication of that phrase is very wrong. You are not talentless. You have YOUR talents, which are different than mine, but very wonderful just the same. So, appreciate my so-called talents all you want, but don't ever let them overshadow your own in your mind. You have many, and you need to recognize their value. Happy Mother's Day!