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Saturday, May 07, 2005

The Untalented, Anonymous Commenter (Part I)

A few days ago, an anonymous commenter left a note on my Recycled Dress Shirt Rug post, saying, "I wish I had your talent." Even before reading another anonymous comment on a post with my hubbie's picture (saying that he looked pretty good except that he had taken her most beautiful - oh, and by the way, only - daughter away from her), I knew it was my mom. I am far from psychic (if I were, I'd know my children's every thought, thus making being a mommy a bit easier). So, how did I know it was her? It was the phrase: "I wish I had your talent." I've been hearing those exact words for pretty much as long as I can remember. So, this weekend, in honor of Mother's Day, Mom, this blog's for you.

We're going to show the world (or at least the small audience that comes here) just how untalented this woman really is. We'll put aside the fact that she's a kind, caring, generous person who was born to be a mother. We'll focus only on her creative talents - those that she claims are absent.

The picture accompanying this post is my mother's very first attempt at quilt-making. Pretty shabby craftsmanship, huh? I mean just look at it. Crap, obviously. And, to put this all in perspective, I too had a brief infatuation with quilt-making - one that netted me approximately 4 small motifs. I never even got a whole quilt out of my efforts. This quilt, in case you're wondering, is the product of self-teaching from a book. She only took a class later. We'll see the quilt from that class in a different post.