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Monday, May 09, 2005

Wow, That Was Fast!

100% Bamboo Yarn
Originally uploaded by Sheepish.
I ordered that discounted bamboo yarn from England, what - Friday? And, it's here today. I love that about that shop (Get Knitted - over in the sidebar, if you're interested). They are very quick shippers. Another thing about them that I love is the smell of the yarn when I receive it. The first package they ever shipped me had a sample of their wool fat soap. I'm still using it in my bathroom, and it smells yummy. I was really hoping they'd send another bar with this order, but I guess at some point, they actually want people to purchase it, right? Anyway, I guess they store their yarn with the soap, because the yarn smells so deliciously clean. I guess it's possible they wouldn't send it with bamboo yarn for fear I was ordering it because I'm allergic to wool, or because I'm a vegan knitter. Anyway, at least the yarn smells good.

And, look at it. Beautiful, don't you think? I really like those colors. If I didn't already have a million projects already started, I'd most likely get right to work on it. I want to swatch to at least figure out the size needle I want to use, but I'm afraid that will tempt me enough to actually start knitting something with it. Oh, and you're probably wondering what I plan to knit with it. You think I actually know this already? You obviously have mistaken me for an organized person who doesn't make impulse buys. That being said, I do have some ideas, and it will most likely become a tank top for summer. Maybe something with short sleeves, if I have enough yarn for that. We'll see how the swatching goes. Either way, I'm very excited to have gotten this yarn on sale. Almost makes up for the fact that I didn't get to go to Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.