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Thursday, May 12, 2005

I'm-Too-Lazy Note

I'm-Too-Lazy Note
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For those of you unfamiliar with the French postal service, this is a notice of an attempt to deliver a package. Around here, it's also known as the "I'm Too Lazy to Drive All the Way Up to Your Door" note. We get these all the time. Luckily our mailbox is pretty large and can fit pretty decent-sized letter-shaped packages, at least.

Now, in the postal carrier's defense, our mailbox is at the end of our dirt road, which is about 1.8 km away from the house (about a 5-10 minute drive). So, though it's always disappointing to receive these, I can't really blame them. It is funny to see how they've lied on the paper, though. A handwritten section claims that they attempted to deliver, but I wasn't home. Liar, liar, pants on fire! We've been here all day.

What all of this brings me to is this:

Where can I get a stack of these notices? They could read, "I attempted to ____________ but couldn't". Think of the uses! "I attempted to cook your dinner... do the laundry... wash the dishes" (keep in mind all this really means is that I was too lazy/didn't feel like doing whatever is on the notice). I think I could make some big money selling something like this.

Now, the postal service notice gives a place/time after which you may come and pick up your package. I'm thinking my notices could say, "You may do _________ yourself at your own convenience. What do you think?

Okay, all kidding aside, this note probably means that I've received a package from the Secret Pals angel who wrote me an email last Friday saying something had been sent. So exciting! I can hardly wait! Is it inappropriate to camp out in front of the local post office like you would for concert tickets? Just curious.