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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Htmler For A Day

Yeah, who was I kidding? Did I really think I could make the company website of my/my husband's dreams from a dinky html/css tutorial online? That's not to say that it wasn't helpful. What parts I was able to do actually worked. I just want more out of my html than that. I wasn't able to put the graphics I wanted on the site, which is a major sore spot. I just didn't find a good enough example of doing a background in an online tutorial. So, I've whipped out the ole credit card and gone shopping on Amazon. I want instructions on this sort of thing in English, so I couldn't just go on down to the local bookstore to get what I wanted (one of the down sides to living in a foreign country). Plus, I love to get mail, anyway. So, I'll have to put my dreams of a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am website creation experience on hold for a week or so till I get this thing in the mail.

But, when I do get the hang of this stuff... watch out! We'll be looking at some major changes around this blog! I'm kind of fond of this one's skin. I love the colors, but I have to say that I would like more for my header and that sort of stuff. I actually could do that much with the knowledge I have already. My husband doesn't read my blog. He'd never notice I did mine before his, would he? Shhh! You aren't going to tell, are you? Alright, I'll try to be good. Hmm, I could always say I was practicing on mine first. Do you think he'd fall for that? I can at least work on perfecting (or improving at the very least) my knowledge of Adobe Illustrator so that I can get the graphics exactly how I want them in the meantime.

Oh, and a bit of information about me that we've learned through this html stuff...

I'm totally obsessive about anything I get really into. I mean, scary kind of obsessive. I think I'd eat if I didn't have to feed others too, but I'm not really sure. I could actually forget. Hmmm. Money-making idea (my Mom is famous for this expression): I could write a book. We'll call it Html Yourself Skinny. The subtitle could be something along the lines of:Be As Thin As Can Be, Even Without the Crack Pipe. That could be a bestseller. Look for it on bookshelves everywhere, people.

Alright, I obviously have spent way too much time in front of the computer in the past couple of days. I must get some time away before nothing is left of my body or my brain.