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Friday, May 13, 2005

I'm an Idiot and You're Not Psychic

I got in to the post office today to pick up my package, which was, indeed, from one of my Secret Pals angels. Everything in it is wonderful. I'll go more in depth about that (with pictures, and everything) in a later post. There was one thing in the package that made me realize that I'm an idiot, though. Many moons ago, when Secret Pals 4 began, I made a Froogle Wishlist. Then, I promptly forgot about it. Well, since then, I have had the occasion to purchase some of the items on my list. But, like an idiot, I forgot to remove them from my list. It has been done this morning, because - hey, better late than never, right? Oh, well. It's my own damn fault, right? Disorganization, once again, comes up in bites me in the dairy-air. On the upside, though, with the amount of disorganization around here, it's not unlikely that a double of something I own may end up being needed due to loss or distruction at the hands of a toddler (always look for the silver lining, people).

Anyway, thank you so much, Roxanne. That was a great package. All sorts of goodies were in there - even a hand-made one. I'll leave you in suspense about what was in there till I get the chance to take a picture.