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Thursday, November 02, 2006

So... What's Up?

What's up with you? Did I just say that already?

You ever meet up with an old friend or boyfriend or something and stare blankly at each other trying to figure out what to say? You know how it is, you've exchanged the usual pleasantries about you're family, work, etc. Then, you're lost. You realize that you don't know this person, and it's a little like attempting to share intimate details of your life with the girl at the cash register when you're stocking up on tampons. The only difference is that you've got a past together, but that does nothing to make your current meeting any more interesting.

That's a bit how I feel about blogging this week. Not many people comment anymore (not that there were tons of comments before), which leads me to believe I've been a bit uninteresting lately. Might have something to do with the fact that I call this a knitting blog but there's rarely any knitting content, anymore. Woops. What's up with that? I have actually been knitting - a lot, really. And, I've been fantasizing about new projects (even buying yarn for them), which all makes for great chit chat for a knitblog. Problem is none of it seems to be at a stage that's interesting enough for pictures, so it just goes unmentioned.

And, is there really anything of interest in my everyday life to tell you about? Do you really want to hear about how my washing machine is wigging out on me, and I was already a little behind on laundry? Or, how our pal Lambchop #2 pulled several keys off my keyboard and typing this post is a huge pain, because I practically have to bang on the "a" to get it to work? Or, how I just burned lunch while simultaneousy typing this post and feeding Lambchop #3? You probably wouldn't come back after reading all those complaints. Oops! You just did. What does that do to our relationship? Are we going to have to have THE TALK? "You're a really nice blogger, but [insert long, uncomfortable pause here] you know, I just don't deserve a blogger like you in my bloglines subscriptions..."

Can you believe I just made a whole post out of how I have nothing to post about? That takes real talent. Maybe you shouldn't delete me from your bloglines subscriptions just yet. I'm bound to come up with something interesting soon. Like how I'm halfway finished sewing together the Durrow sweater. And, how I've just bought some really pretty yarn for a fun fair isle knit (that I'm really excited about, since I've never done any real fair isle to speak of). And, I may even throw in a cute baby picture or two. So, stick with me here. I promise some fun soon enough.

In the meantime, allow me to recommend a movie to you. I inadvertantly watched it last night (you're wondering how you inadvertantly watch a movie - it's easy when you've got a million channels... hubby does that last channel sweep before heading off to bed... he leaves it on something pretty intriguing while you finish "one more row."). Anyway, it was a cute little Argentine movie called "Historias Minimas". Reminds me a lot of "The Straight Story". Same almost snail-like pace with intriguing characters whose lives cross in funny and unexpected ways. The little details are the best part, because they reveal wonderfully intimate details about the characters and their motivations. Definitely worth a rental if you can find it.