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Thursday, September 21, 2006


Ever been "driven to distraction," as the saying goes? I'm pretty sure that "distraction" here means "crazy". And, with the three kids in the house, I guess you could have thought that I hadn't posted in so long for the simple reason that I had most likely been carted off in a paddy wagon by hefty men in white coats. Well, I haven't been - yet. I don't have a whole lot of extra time on my hands, though. Things like washing myself and cooking decent meals (and blogging) have sort of gone by the way side. Everything is still going well, though. The baby is amazing. She sleeps really well - well, as long as she's being held, which I don't really mind doing, since I have a baby scarf to strap her to me with. All the holding is good for making a nice, calm baby, too, so again, I don't mind at all. The other positive aspect to holding in a baby scarf a lot is that she hides my post-pregnancy figure for me - like I said, she's a real sweetie.

I've actually had a little knitting time these days. I can knit while holding her or nursing her on the couch, so I've gotten a decent amount done on my newest project. What is this newest project? Well, I noticed that she really needs a second sweater. The cotton baby kimono I made is great and fits her perfectly, but she spits up on it and we're in trouble. So, I pulled out some stash yarn and started up a little sweater for her. I've already finished the back, which is the beauty of baby sweaters. So fast. This one is done in ribbing, too, so it's a lot faster than those garter stitch things that are so popular for babies. Less tedious, too, since I can knit while watching tv a lot easier with ribbing than with garter stitch. I'm hoping to have this sweater finished by the beginning of next week. That'll give her somethign nice and warm to wear when the weather turns colder. I'd love to show to a picture of this little garment, but I sort of forgot to take one before uploading those I've recently taken of the baby.

Speaking of which... I'll share those, of course, you know, to distract you from the fact that there's no knitting to be seen here today. The first picture is what I'd like to call her pensive shot. I'm pretty sure we've created a genious baby (why else would she know better than to keep her mom and dad up all hours of the night?), so she's likely thinking very deep thoughts.

And, this second shot is something that makes me very happy. Lambchop #1 has been a bit jealous, and it's nice to see how she's getting over that little by little. She's become quite a good big sister, and is great at holding and soothing her little sister (which makes her very, very proud).

Well, before I head off for dinner (Southern fried chicken), I should thank you all for the nice comments on my baby announcement post. It's wonderful to see how many people actually care about my family and what goes on in it.