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Saturday, September 30, 2006

A Rose By Any Other Name

I just learned that our brand-new baby's name means "poop sprayer" in the Mexican language of Nahuatl (not to be confused with "projectile vomitter," her middle name). Okay, well not really, but I did find out today that if there were such a name in some language of the world, it'd have been a really appropriate one to give her. I mean, sure, she'd be very likely to get laughed off the playground at school, but it would have fit her to a T. How did I learned this? Yeah, I recognize that most of you probably don't want to know, but I'm here to tell you anyway.

See, this afternoon I made the mistake of changing her diaper almost immediately after her nap (note to self: wait several minutes after nap before changing diapers). So, I'm wiping her itty-bitty, dimpled hindside (it really is quite cute when it's not spewing bodily fluids). I've got her leggies in my hands to hold her up a little while I swipe the unspeakables off her unmentionables. That's when she lets it all hang out - spray out, really. And, while I wasn't particularly pleased, I was thoroughly impressed by her "mad skillz". Girlfriend can really get some distance on dat SH*T (I try to keep the language clean on my blog, but I think we can agree the expression is appropriate here). I actually laughed - one of those shocked kinds of laughs. It was just too funny, in a nasty sort of way (luckily, the poo of breastfed infants is pretty "clean," even if it doesn't quite smell like roses).

So, if any of you actually have a stomach strong enough to have dealt with all that, and you're still here, I'll fill you in on some other (less messy) things happening at our place. I actually took a little walk through our much neglected garden this evening, hoping to find some basil for a cream sauce for dinner tonight. To my surprise, the recent change in weather (this is rainy-season around these parts) was good for several plants (mostly green-leafies). The basil was looking fabulous and the mint is practically taking over the garden. Picked a butternut squash, as well. Our winter squash is the one thing I'm happiest with. We've got tons of four different varieties of squash: hubbard, spaghetti, butternut and jack-o-lantern pumpkins. They'll keep us in soups and other yummies this winter, for sure. I made a delicious puree with a small hubbard yesterday. Just baked it in the oven till the rind was soft. Then, I spooned the soft flesh out, added salt, a little water and some cream. Delish.

On the knitting front, I've finished the front side of the little sweater I'm making for Lambchop #3. Now, I only have the arms to finish. That should go pretty quickly, considering how tiny her little armies are (yeah, I do realize everything has suddenly gotten sickeningly cute around here - "armies," "leggies," etc. - get used to it. I can't help myself.). Pictures of all the cuteness (minus the nastiness) will be coming soon.