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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Freudian Slip?

Last night just before serving dinner, I turned to my husband and apologetically said, "I think I overporked the cook." How's that for a Freudian Slip? Of course, it was really the pork that was overcooked, but it sure made for a nice excuse to explain the alternative meaning for pork* to my non-native-English-speaking husband. Good conversation starter, don't you think? Maybe I should try something like that at the next party I go to - because surely my American sense of humor doesn't get me enough odd looks here in France as it is.

I think I'll just leave this post short and sweet (a rare find around here). I don't have any pictures to share, anyway, since the camera batteries are dead. I hope to have some nice shots of a sweet baby in her new (as of yet not fully knit) sweater soon, though. I've finished the back and am up to the arm holes on the front. It's a pretty quick knit since it's tiny and in 2X2 ribbing.

*For those of my readers who are not native speakers of English, either, I'll fill you in on the meaning as well... it's a crude-sounding slang word for sex. A good example of the "proper" use of this word can be found in National Lampoon's European Vacation with Chevy Chase. It's part of a restaurant scene (the teenage boy says it). I believe that may have been the first time I ever heard the expression, actually. See how educational films can be?

Uh oh, does this post no longer qualify as "short and sweet," as I originally intended? See, I'm just not capable of that. What can I say, I've got the "gift of gab," right?