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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sweet Revenge

The Beginning
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After the trial (see previous post for details) in which my husband was sentenced to a life without hand-knits, I vowed not to finish the Durrow sweater for him. I love that sweater, and I'm really saddened by this punishment, but we must show no mercy to the Evildoers (I tell you, Bush is just too fun to quote)!

In my anger, I sat down and cast on for the sweater I've been dreaming about of late. It had been put on hold until a bit of Christmas knitting and that Durrow sweater were at least well on their way to being finished. Yesterday, though, I had a change of heart and decided I needed a bit of selfish knitting (I'm sure you can understand).

The mess in the picture here represents this selfish knitting. I'll bet you can't figure out what project that is. It's a bit unfair, actually, because some balls of yarn are being obscured. Look closely, and you can see at least three. Two are black and one is purple. There are actually five. Two purple. Three black. I know. What on earth could justify that?

Well, I've been eyeing the Ribby Cardi for a while but can't afford to purchase any new yarn these days (and the stash I've got really should be enough to tide me over for a while) to make it. I hear Bonne Marie's patterns are a pleasure to work with, and I'd love to try one, but instead, I decided to make my own Ribby Cardi knock-off. It'll be similar in style, but I like the idea of knitting a top-down raglan cardigan (Say it with me, children: NO SEAMING).

Now, this wouldn't be so bad in one color only, but it's down-right crazy in two. But, nobody ever said I was sane, so I'm doing it. It took a bit of practice before I was able to tame the 5 balls of yarn, but we seem to have come to an understanding now, and things are going pretty smoothly. I've knitted about 5cm (2") so far, so that means I've only got about 25cm (10") to go before I can get to the armpits and use only one color at a time. I must say I'm looking forward to that moment, even if it does seem a bit far off in the distance. It'll be my oasis in the desert as a play with the tangles of yarn produced by this nutty endeavor.

By the way, the yarn is some more of that Anny Blatt wool/cashmere yarn. You can bet your sweet tushie that I'll be keeping this away from the dog (and probably the husband, for that matter).

The colors aren't really what to appear to be in the picture here. The midday sun seems to have lightened the purple up a bit. It's actually a lovely eggplant color. The yarn label calls it "chocolat", which explains the excellent price I got on it at the outlet store.