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Thursday, December 08, 2005

"It's Painful, But It Doesn't Hurt."

This moment of humor brought to you by The Husband...

While out roaming the property this weekend (the whole family came - even the cats followed us like a couple of loyal dogs), we came across a portion of our electric fence that was improperly connected. This is a huge problem around here, because the electric fence was installed to keep the numerous wild boar families out of the vineyard (they love to dig up roots and eat the mature grapes). So, my dear Muttonchop got to fixing. He's pretty good with his stick a couple of sticks, and he soon had that sucker ready to bzzzt like it should.

That, unfortunately, was the exact moment that Happy (one of the cats) decided to investigate the underbrush on the other side. She didn't much like the bzzzt action, and was a bit squeamish about making her way back to the other side. I forget how many volts Muttonchop told me the thing was probably carrying at that moment - now that I think about it, he didn't have it fully reconnected, so it had about half the voltage it normally should. It still gave her a good jolt, though, and I was worried that we may have to rename her something a little less... well... happy.

She seemed to recover her stride reasonably quickly, but not fast enough for me not to worry a bit. I asked the closest thing I had to a shock-therapy expert (yeah, you guessed it - the guy who reconnected it with a couple of sticks) if that could really hurt her. He then turned to me in all seriousness and replied," It's painful, but it doesn't hurt."

There's a bit of logic to that sentence, I guess, if you take hurt to mean harm, but I still got a kick out of the contradiction in it.

And, in case you're more perceptive than I'd hoped, you may have realized that little story was told in an effort to distract you from noticing the lack of pictures. I have several waiting on the camera. They include some hats and other interesting things. I just wasn't really in the mood to mess with uploading them. So, that'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Despite my apparent laziness, the clapotis shawl is doing quite well. This is due, at least in part, to the get-out-of-housecleaning-free card I drew this morning. Instead of doing the various chores that usually compete for my attention each morning, I spent a bit over an hour in the doctor's waiting room. Not the allergy doctor, by the way. It appears that threats are enough to at least improve the allergy problems to make them bearable, so I get to save that doctor visit for another day. Today's trip was to the "oh, no I have to shave my legs today!" doctor. Always pleasant, right? At least I'm not old enough for a good boob smashing session yet.