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Sunday, November 27, 2005

What Charity Sale?

I didn't see any charity sale. Or, at least nobody else seemed to notice one. We had a great Thanksgiving buffet-style meal, even if it was only luke warm and didn't include any of the stuff I'm used to from home. What really didn't go well, though, was the charity sale. It was not an auction, as some of my readers seemed to have thought. Just a thing where you lay stuff out on a table and cross your fingers that you won't be taking it home. I apparently didn't cross enough fingers (or maybe I crossed too many - do they cancel each other out??). And, I wasn't the only one. It would seem that the advertising for this part of the Thanksgiving banquet was a little under-done, and nobody came with their cash or a shopping/charitable spirit.

A little disappointing, but as a result, we've got some nice new hats and a scarf around here, not to mention some lovely breads and pastries (a few of the cinnamon rolls did go) to munch on. And, to top it off, as a bonus for being some of the last people to leave, we got to take home a truckload of leftover turkey. My plan is to cook some stuffing and mashed potatoes my way, claim Thanksgiving is on Monday this year and have ourselves a feast. Ooh, and the bright spot of the whole experience was that my walnut/cranberry pie went over really well. So all was not lost.

And, I do believe I'll be giving that scarf to my grandmother-in-law. At first, I thought a close friend in Chicago might enjoy it, since it's so chilly there. And, I still think she might like it, but I have to say that the 90-some-odd-year-old lady whose favorite grandson is my husband should certainly get some knitted goodness this year when we go visit. And, having come from a long line of knitters, she'll more than appreciate the gesture.

As for the hats (yeah, I forgot to mention that I was able to bang out another one really fast last night and this morning), I believe I will just over-dye them and keep them. I love the softness and warmth of the yarn (given to me by my sister-in-law), but those colors just aren't something that should be anywhere near my face. If anyone reading this blog looks really good in brown or a butterscotch color, maybe you should mention it now before I dye them. You may just win yourself a hat. The style I came up with is pretty feminine and reasonably flattering, I feel, so they're worth having around for cold weather (especially since every other hat I've ever own looks funny on me - the trick, I realised, is for it not to be too form-fitting on the top. A little poof is much better.