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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Branching Out Scarf

Branching Out
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And, here we have the last post of the evening. I swear, I'll leave you alone after this one. I just had so many things to share today. Oh, which reminds me that I never got a chance to wish people a happy Thanksgiving. It's a bit late for that now, I realize, but I do have an excuse for not doing it.

See, I had come up with a brilliant goofy little post where I mentioned that my chicken was quite a turkey, because each evening I know it's dusk because she starts to repeatedly hurl herself at the kitchen window in an attempt to grasp the vine there to perch for the night. It was cute, I swear, but apparently not meant to be, because my computer jammed on me. I was using that post as to segue into Happy Thanksgiving wishes, but, like I said, it didn't happen. Not like you missed much, anyway. Your meals were most likely better than my silly jokes.

Anyway, on to other topics... like knitting. I finished and blocked the branching out scarf yesterday, and it sure is lovely. I was afraid that Anny Blatt Fine Kid yarn would be a bit scratchy, but it's nice, after all, even if it is a bit thicker than Rowan Kid Silk Haze.

And, for anyone not yet into lace, this is a great starter pattern. It's pretty simple, yet the end result is elegant. Like every time I've played with lace, I felt magic when I saw the finished product. Oh, and if any family members or friends like the feel of mohair and would love a lacey scarf for Christmas, place your order now. This was a great quickie pattern, and that just might be doable.

Now, while all of you munch on warmed-over turkey and stuffing, I'll get to preparing tonight's Chinese stir-fry (I sure miss my country, sometimes).