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Friday, December 09, 2005

Hats Off To You!

Hats Off To You!
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Yesterday, in my pathetically photoless post, I mentioned having hat pictures to show. I know it seemed plural at the time, but due to some technical difficulties (okay, my desire not to post horrible pictures of myself on the web), there will be only one. The other would have been a shot of my Caramelo Hat with its new do. I over-dyed it a little while back and got a nice rose/brown color that I can live with. I don't know if it's exactly flattering to my skin tone, but it certainly doesn't wash me out like the other color did.

Anyway, enough talking about pictures I'm not showing you (there's been lots of that today - see the previous post for more of it). Let's talk about what we can see. My little cutie is modeling his daddy's new cap for him.

It's wonderfully soft and warm, and Daddy seems to be quite happy with it. It's made with Anny Blatt wool/cashmere blend (the black) and Phildar wool/cashmere blend (the gray). I used Elizabeth Zimmerman's hat formula again. Being just a rough formula, it allows for lots of variations (even if it does force you to do some math of your own).

The only real mishap here was the fact that I was wanting this thing to be a fold-over kind of hat. You know? Where the bottom doubles up. That's what our dear Muttonchop really wanted. And, in an effort to distract him from the fact that he still hasn't gotten that sweater I owe him, I tried to make one. Part way through it, though, I realized that I had made that first band of black too thick to look good doubled over. So, it's not exactly what I intended, but it turned out okay. It just made sure it was long enough to cover his ears, which is what he really wanted the folding part for, anyway.