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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Happy Belated Birthday!

Alright, that's really annoying. I just wrote several sentences and watched them vanish without a trace for no apparent reason. I must have hit a key I shouldn't have (typing at warp speed when you're not a professional typist can cause that).

Basically, I was complaining about the head cold/allergy thing I've had lately and using it as an excuse for not posting. Yesterday, I got out the big guns (went to the pharmacy and bought a decongestant) to try to get out of the haze I've been living in the past few days. Seems to be helping so far. Let's cross our fingers that I don't have to take it for long, because I really hate taking medicines - not to mention the fact that this stuff is nasty. It is loaded with sugar and what tastes like an artificial sweetener. I realized this morning that it's because they're trying really hard to hide a horrible bitter flavor. Yeah, not a success. If it works, I can handle the nastiness, though.

I haven't gotten much knitting done in the past few days, either. I had started a wool/cashmere hat for my brother, but it was quickly snagged by my husband. What was I supposed to say? "No, sweetie, once again, this cool, hand-knit object is not for you." I caved, and he'll be getting a new hat. It's only fair, really, because he's been watching me knit a nice, manly scarf out of the same yarn for quite a while. He keeps wishing it were his, but he knows it's not. I have to do some Christmas knitting, don't I? We can't keep it all. Or, can we? That doesn't really sound all that bad to me.

I guess, in the end, my husband actually deserves that hat. Well, that and a lot more, because while I was feeling sick and sorry for myself on my baby's 2nd birthday (the actually date - the last celebration was a little early), I was in no mood to cook. So, he did it for me. He made a delicious dinner and even agreed to bake a cake. I have never seen this man bake anything other than bread, so it was a real treat to see how he'd do with sweets. And, I have to say, if there were any doubts before, there are none now. This man's a keeper. I mean, not only is he cute, but he can bake a mean birthday cake. It was actually better than I've ever had that recipe turn out myself. This is most likely due to the fact that I am utterly incapable of baking sweets without altering the recipe to make it healthier. I obviously have not yet mastered this art, otherwise, I might come up with fluffier cakes. But, hey, at least they're healthiesque, even if they may be a little bulletproof dense, right?

Now, I will leave you with a picture of the joy of birthday cakes (especially those not baked by me - though I did contribute by having him pull some leftover frosting from the freezer). Don't you love the 2-year-old logic you get a glimpse of here? "If I can't blow it out, I'll just snuff with my dry fingertips." Needless to say, we stopped him before things got dangerous.