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Friday, May 06, 2005

An Old Friend Pops Up Out of the Blue

My Very First Project
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I was looking for a pair of shoes for Lambchop #2 the other day and happened upon this, my very first knitting project. Ah, the nostalgia.

I made it for Lambchop #1 some time around the 9 month to 1 year age. I had a sweet little baby girl to play dress-up with, so it never occurred to me to make a scarf. It was a great beginner project, if you ask me. The garter stitch, of course, is easy, but then, there is a bit of decreasing to shape it, so you're forced to learn a bit more than just the simple knit stitch. Keep things interesting.

The funny thing about this little sweater, though, is that I didn't actually use the knit stitch, at all. When learning, I had more trouble with the knit stitch than the purl, and since the result is pretty much the same, I used only purl stitches on this project. I learned to do the knit stitch better later on, obviously, but it makes for a fun story about my first project, right?