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Thursday, May 05, 2005

A Fast Learner?

Okay, as far as lace knitting goes, I may not be classified as a fast learner, but we're starting to get the hang of things, here. I've gotten through the first little repeat section, and it actually looks like the picture. You know that's got me all "tickled pink," to quote good ole Mom. My little bird's nest scarf looks so cute. I'm so excited - oh, I guess "tickled pink" already gave you that idea. Anyway, so now that I'm starting to get the idea of how the whole SSK thing works, and the yarnovers are even coming out right, this scarf has an actual pattern to it (which is much more than I can say for the poor kiri shawl I threw in the towel on earlier).

Just thought I'd share the excitement with everyone. I'll share pictures later (the USB cord I use to connect my camera to my computer has grown legs and run off. I now have to sneak in my husband's office to steal his Palm Pilot cable when he's not looking). Oh, and I'll share the two morals of this story, as well...

1. Always do as your third grade teacher instructed - read the directions thoroughly (oh, and follow them, too - all of them, not just the parts that catch your eye the most).

2. When in doubt on the technical aspects of a job needing to be done, internet instructional videos are your friend (Is this why internet porn is so popular?).

Oh, and while we're on the subject of bird nests... a birdie has made a nest and laid some cute, itty bitty eggs in the pole our mail box is attached to. I'm a little worried that the bird can't get to the eggs, though. I've never seen a bird nearby, and I think it'd have to be a really tiny bird to fit in there. Did the bird lay the nest/eggs on top of the pole, and they fell in? Another question that comes to mind is what on earth my husband was doing looking down in the pole when he found the nest. Note to self: Ask crazy/inquisitive husband what he's doing looking down into strange holes. Oh, and while we're talking about eggs here, do you think it would be highly inappropriate for me to replace chicken eggs (since I still haven't found where they're stashing them) with these cutesy little birdie eggs??? I'm just wondering. How mean do you think I am? Yep, I'm probably the kind of person who'd pull the wings off a ladybug, aren't I?