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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Guess What!

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Yeah, I think you all know what this is. Do I really have to tell you? Well, I guess, for those of you who are tuning in to our program a bit late, I'll tell you again. This is (again) the Recycled Dress Shirt Rug I'm working on for the Not Yarn Along.

Boy, is that yellow bright, huh? Wasn't expecting that. Most of the material I've got is blue, though, so this will be toned down a bit when all is said and done. I never realized how much my husband seems to prefer blue shirts till now.

Oh, and the pen you see in the picture is not a little mistake on my part. My husband said last time that I needed to add something for scale (just like a geologist to say something like this - they're always putting pens in pictures of rock formations to show scale). Not a bad idea, though, considering the fact that this will be pretty big later on, and you really can't tell how big it is now without the pen.

There you have it, now. And, with the pen, you can see that "it" isn't very much so far. We're getting there, though. And, sadly, it'll most likely be done before the house is.