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Sunday, May 01, 2005

The Envelope Please...

Well, party's over guys and girls. Thanks to some generous help from our readers, I have finally decided what to name the chickens. There were some great suggestions. It was very difficult to decide. A part of me liked each choice for different reasons, but I had to pick one. So...

Being raised by Southerners and having spent a portion of my teenage years dodging ruthless teasing from California kids about my hick accent, I can appreciate the Hatfields and the McCoys. It also fits very nicely with the fact that the chickens seem to separate themselves by color. I like to think they're undergoing some sort of longtime family feud. Then, we stuff them all in the same chicken coop at night. Imagine how the feathers fly!

So, the winner of our little contest is General Ginger, whose suggestion was to name them silly Southern names reminiscent of Ellie May Clampett (should I be concerned that May is my middle name) and call them the Hatfields and the McCoys.

So, General, if you'll write me a little email at scrappydoodle at hotmail dot com, telling me your address, I'll send your goodies next week, when I get to the post office.

Thanks to everyone for participating. I really enjoyed reading the entries. I got a good laugh from all of them. I think the contest was a fun idea.

Oh, and a strange little update on the chickens: the black ones are leapers. Yesterday, I saw a large bird flapping its wings, flying low to the ground. When it landed, I realized it was one of the Hatfields (those will be the black ones from now on). I always thought chickens were too heavy to fly. Then, I realized that it had leaped from a ledge-type area we have to take a shortcut downhill. I wish I had seen it from the other side. Do you think it took a running jump at it. Can you picture that? Its little twiggy legs scurrying to get a good speed up before hurling itself off the edge. Too funny! Wish I'd gotten a picture of that for the site.