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Monday, May 02, 2005

A Little Bit of Sunshine

The sky is grey and gloomy. Humidity floats in the air, clinging to my skin like a tight skirt worn by a club-hopping teen. Heavy clouds threaten us from above. This is today in Southern France. So, I decided to add a little bit of sunshine of my own.

You remember my Recycled Dress Shirt rug? I had dyed some white shirts red for it. Well, I've got plenty in red and blue now. There was even one little one in orange, but I wanted something even cheerier. So, I had some cheap, white cotton fabric lying around. It was made into thick strips last October, when its original purpose was making a Halloween mummy. Never got around to that, so its destiny has changed. I love playing God with the laundry around here! So, it has been tossed into the washer with a bright yellow dye, and we're anxiously awaiting the results. I love to watch it spin in the glass window of my front-loader, gradually changing colors. I was a bit worried at first, because I realized, only after starting up the washer, that I had not cut a very big hole in the dye package. It was going pretty slowly, but the color is getting very bright now, so no worries.

So far, I've not made a lot of progress on the rug since the last picture. Last night, I did sit down and sew up the parts I had knitted up till now, though. I figure if I sew on it as I go along, the sewing part of the job won't seem as bad. It looks pretty nice all sewn up. A little mini rug for a Barbie house, or something. The sewing is pretty easy, too, since I'm just using some glazed cotton sewing thread. It not like sewing up a sweater with the yarn used to knit it. A little bit less time-consuming, and a good tv-watching chore.

My husband made the comment that it will go nicely in the new house. I hope so. The house is going to have a bit of a modern/rustic look on the inside (if that makes any sense), so I would say this rug would fit in okay. We'll have to wait and see. It'll certainly add some color and warmth to the cement floors (yep, cement, in a house - you read right) - not to mention something soft to step on.