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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Chicken Naming Contest Prize

Dear Blog Reader,

You may have just won $1,000,000...

...or, if the contest organizer is cheap, which is, indeed, the case, you will receive the gifts pictured here.

The contest is nearly over, and to tempt those who still haven't put in a suggestion for the chickens' names, I wanted to let you see what the loot will be. They are: a bag of herbes de provence - very yummy - two different, very nice smelling 100% vegetable soaps and a tin of mint candies (all made in France).

So, if you've yet to participate in my contest, click here to do so. Oh, and just a reminder: the contest ends tonight. In the interest of allowing my US readers to play along, I'll wait until tomorrow morning (French time) to decide and reveal the winner.