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Monday, May 30, 2005

Feral Kitty

Feral Kitty
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Well, the canine companion we had for the weekend is gone now. Apparently, the local small-town cops are bored out of their minds and welcome any excuse to get out into the countryside for a little drive. Lost dogs constitute a good excuse, it seems. Good deal for me. I got front-door pick up for the pup. He was happy to hop in that paddy wagon, too. Did a few laps around the back and promptly lifted his leg on it. That's my boy! Ah, come on, now. How many of you have dreamed of doing this or at least watching someone else do it while friendly Officer So-and-so wrote up your speeding ticket? And, that doesn't make me a cop-hater - just someone with a good sense of irony.

Anyway, there are two bits of good news here:

1) Friendly Officer So-and-so thinks he may know who the dog's owners are.

2) One furry creature was replaced by three of the sweet little babies you see in the picture here (this little guy is the least timid and the only one willing to pose for me). I found them this weekend, and I've convinced my husband that it would be wise to capture them while their young and make them ours instead of letting them become more and more wild and eventually hunting our chickens. Smart, eh? And, we get sweet kitty fuzziness in exchange. I must be nesting, or something, because I've been craving furry companionship lately. These little guys should be just what I need, don't you think?

So, I've been researching a bit on the net, and they're old enough to be tamed, so we'll be capturing and taming them soon. It'll take some patience, but it'll be worth it to have some of these sweeties around for us to love on. Every farm kid needs some cats, right?