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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Fresh From the Front Yard Salad

First off, before I get to the really fun stuff (an actual FO), we've got dinner. I know, this salad isn't even pretty (I'm more for taste than presentation), so why on earth do I feel the need to show it to the world? Two reasons:

1. My homegirls are no longer on strike. After what seemed to be eternal negociations, their worker's union seems to have reached an agreement with whoever (Maybe it was the fun they had watching me chase them around my kitchen trying to force them out while they feasted on the bread crumbs I was about to vacuum up. It was like a scene from the Simple Life. I actually had to call in reinforcements.). Whatever it was that changed their mind about egg-laying, I'm a happy girl, because this salad was delicious.

2. The salad. It don't get no fresher than this! This was really a case of straight from the source. It was about time to thin out the lettuce I had planted to give some room to grow. And, guess who got the priviledge of having those baby green leafies for dinner tonight? Yum!

Ahhh, the joys of country life...