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Friday, April 15, 2005

Glorified Hair Net

Remember the Kiri scarf that I started a while back that you haven't heard about in a really long time? Well, it stayed at about the same spot for several months until today, when PRESTO-CHANGO, it magically became a head-scarf. It happened to be just the right size for the job, and, if you'll remember, I had said I needed something to keep my hair out of my face while sleeping. So, taking another look at it, I realized I could add a couple of "tails" on each side and have myself a fancy-schmancy head scarf. The knitting took maybe twenty minutes, and I washed and blocked it. It proves to me that I have really improved in my lace knitting since starting this thing, though, because I was able to at least pick out where the mistakes were, whereas before it all looked like a cobweb with no rhyme or reason.

Anyway, if you can think back that far, you'll recall that I was knitting it in a very bright blue mohair. This stuff is so lightweight, it turned out to be the perfect yarn for a head-scarf. I hardly even know I'm wearing it... so, this is what it's like to wear a hair net. I now understand the attraction. That's not to say it's all that pretty when on my head, but it's comfy, and what more to do you really want for around the house?

Pictures will come later...