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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

New to the Collection

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Here are my newest stash members. I got the Phildar Clapotis (in front) last week when I went to get the rest of the yarn needed to finish my silk tank. It's 100% nylon and knit up nicely into a bath puff, though I'm curious as to how they will wash. The fabric is the stuff they use to make the booties used by doctors while in surgery. I left a pink bath puff with my sister-in-law to try on her new baby, because was so soft (she's a cutie, by the way - we really know how to make children well in this family!).

The mysterious hairy stuff in the back is some mix of mohair and wool that the sales lady was unable to tell me much about. I found it at the Saturday morning outdoor market for dirt cheap (800g for 16 euros). I'm not even certain that I like it, but I was so fascinated by the colors and textures that I had to see how they would knit up. I'll let you know when I decide what to do with it.