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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Amish Route to Heaven

They may not have electricity, but those Amish sure now how to eat! Cinnabon's got absolutely nothing on these people. I'm thinking of converting, because if the sour cream roll recipe I found online is any indication of their regular diet, I'm there. It won't be that big of a change in lifestyle, right? I mean, I don't have a microwave, and our plumbing only works halfway correctly. These people fascinate me anyway - the way they live almost entirely from what they make with their own hands. I really don't think it could be done except as a community of people sharing tasks, but I am secretly in love with the idea, even if I do have an aversion to early-rising and all that hard labor - Ugh! But then, if you eat too many of these sour cream rolls (as I have this evening), you need the heavy work load to exercise some of those extra calories off. That said, though, I must recommend this recipe. I have to say it is without a doubt the most delicious online recipe I have ever tried, and that's saying a lot, since I regularly search for cooking inspiration on the web. Just to tease you a little, and to convince to try these tasty treats: the glaze that tops the rolls tastes like a caramel sauce (the type they dip apples in) with a slight tartness from the sour cream used to make it. Amazing by the spoonful. You can't imagine it on top of these rolls. Mmmmm.

So, if you like baking, and you don't mind spending a few hours away from your knitting, here's the site for you:

Incidentally, the site sells looms. There is a small loom that's used to make sweaters, blankets and other items. It looks pretty nice, except that apparently they currently are out of stock due to a fire - but there are always the sour cream rolls, so all is not lost.