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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Finished Object Fiesta

Everybody say woop woop! Can I get a hoooo hoooo! It's time to paaaartay! That's right, there's an FO in the house. A real one, too, not one of those rinky dinky bath puffs (though I am thoroughly enjoying that thing). So, get out the streamers - better yet, let's knit up some garland (has anyone tried that for the Christmas tree, by the way?) and celebrate. I have several fun things to tell you about (and show you, when I get around to it), though only one of them is a finished object.

I went to the yarn shop nearest my house the other day (beautiful day for a drive to this lakefront village, by the way - even let the kids play at the lakeside park while I worked on the cable baby blanket). I needed to go there - I swear I really did need to this time. I'm not just rationalizing. Remember the silk tank top I was working on? Well, as seems to be becoming my usual practice, I misjudged the amount of yarn needed. It's so hard to know this kind of thing in the store on the fly. So, as I neared the end of my silk stash, I realized I would not have enough to finish the piece. There had been exactly one ball of yarn left in that color, which I opted out of purchasing, in the interest of staying only slightly over budget that day. So, before leaving for my trip to the US, I called and had them hold that precious last ball for me. I finally got around to getting it this week. Excited about the aspect of being less than a ball away from a real finished piece - my first tank top to boot, I dug right in that evening. Of course, upon seeing me elbow deep in silk, my husband sarcastically inquired about the status of the still missing baby bootie. Party pooper! But, I finished the tank top anyway. Who cares what he thinks anyway? And, then I modeled it for him, and not only did he think it looked nice, he even said it was sexy (look at me and my goofy grin). Well, maybe we do care what he thinks, after all.

Let me tell you here that if you have never knit a silk anything, do it. It was a tiny bit on the expensive side, which is why I only made a tank top, but it feels so luxurious to wear. It's not quite like wearing other silk things I've worn, either. Maybe it's because I made most of it in ribbing, so it sticks to me in places, but it almost feels like a second skin (except, I think it's softer than any skin I have).

Then, of course, while at the yarn shop, I browsed - how could I not? There wasn't anything that truly interested me that much, which is for the best, since I don't have room for any new stash. I did buy two balls of some 100% nylon tape that reminds me of crepe paper, though. It is called Clapotis (like the famous scarf on Knitty) for the wavy aspect it has. My intention is to make another few bath puffs for other members of the family, since I've found mine to be so yummy. The crepe texture made me think it should be perfect for a fast drying bath puff. My daughter chose pink, and I got some blue for my husband. I'll take pictures of this yarn, as well as the tank when I can.