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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Creative Assembly

Well, I've finished the second bootie. So, there is now a full pair. Yippee! I had to resort to a bit of creative sewing and blocking, though since, apparently, I was all tense when knitting the first one and REALLY relaxed while knitting the second. My gauge was totally different, and the second one turned out larger than the first, with the same number of rows. Oops. Anyway, no big deal. I just resewed the second one, adjusting to make it smaller, and when I blocked, I stretched the first to be the same size as the other. Luckily, the Alpaca I used is very forgiving. They look cute, and I'll post a picture soon, though when you've seen one, you've seen them all. Well, maybe they look cuter as a pair. I did opt not to add the converse circle on the sides, after all. I started to do it, and it wasn't working out very well. Then, my husband and I both agreed that they didn't need it.

I'll post pictures of them and some other things I promised to show you a little later today.