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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Basketball Baby Booties

Well, here we have it. Another finished project. I'm just rolling in them lately, huh? Well, not really. The blanket the booties are sitting on is proof of that. I slipped it in the shot, though, to show you that I am making progress. I think I'm in the middle of the 4th ball of yarn (out of ten), so we're getting there. It'll be okay if I take my time, because the sweet, little Olga got plenty of knitted goodies from her grandma, as well (she mostly only knits kids' stuff for her many grandkids). She made some adorable little sweaters, some socks that were unfortunately too small (luckily my booties fit perfectly, but I had a real live bootie to cheat from) and a tiny little blanket that will do for this tiny stage she's in. My blanket is more intended to end up as a bed blanket than something to take along in the stroller. It's 65 X 100 cm, so it'll be a nice crib blanket when she's out of her bassinette.

Anyway, the good news is that everyone loved my basketball baby booties. They're certainly original, and that pink is a color Olga's mommy is fond of, so we did well on that one. Our quick trip to see her was a good one, and actually all our gifts, both for baby and mommy, worked out well (I'm a firm believer that the woman doing all the hard work deserves a little something, too).

It really is quite hard to buy gifts for a second child, because you don't know what things the first child already had, and you don't want to just buy clothes when there have already been several kids in the family to get hand-me-downs from. So, I was pleased to learn that she didn't have many socks or booties that fit and the other gifts I chose were needed as well.