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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Brand New Life

I know from the sound of that post title, you're thinking I've turned over a new leaf somehow, and you're going to have to sit through an explanation of it. Nope. Not true. You may relax and wipe the sweat off your brow. I'm just writing to tell the world that we have a brand new niece who was born this morning. She weighed in at a breathtaking 4.4 kilos (9.68 lbs), giving me a whole new respect for my sister-in-law. I can't say she didn't even break a sweat, since I wasn't there, but apparently, the baby came right out with minimum trouble (as compared to her first child who took the better part of a painfully long day to wiggle on out). I tend to make them significantly smaller, though, so I am now in awe of this woman. Don't take that to mean that I envy her, because I guarantee you I wouldn't have wanted to lug that thing around for 9 months. I'm just amazed she wasn't on bedrest or in a wheelchair toward the end - we're talking 9 1/2 lbs here!

So, welcome to this earth, little Olga (that's her name - not something random I picked out).

And, all of this means one thing to me, of course: got to get to knitting. I must finish those baby booties by this weekend when we go visit. Yikes!