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Saturday, September 02, 2006


I know that the baby is comfortably surrounded by warm amniotic fluid, and everything it hears must sound pretty muffled, but I believe there has been a slight misunderstanding. I'm starting to think that a) because I speak English a lot, the baby thinks we must be in the US and b) it has mistaken the meaning of the holiday that falls on Monday. I mean, sure, it can be confusing when a pregnant lady talks about "Labor Day". I can understand that, but it's celebrated in May here in France, so I'm not sure why the baby seems to be (possibly) determined to actually go into labor ON Labor Day.

I'd gladly settle for tonight or tomorrow. Would even prefer it that way, since school starts on Monday, and I'd rather it be Mommy or Daddy that takes the kids there for their first day (even if it's not likely to be me). But, hey, I guess Monday would be better than, say sometime after my parents show up (on the 7th). Of course, maybe the baby can hear better than we think and decided that for Mommy to remain sane, she's going to need her own mommy here to help. Yeah, that could be why it's waiting as long as possible before coming out. Seriously, though, I think I can hack it for a few days. Really.

I'm going to end this at this totally random-seeming spot right here. I can't think of anything else to say. Shows you my state of mind these days. I actually reread yesterday's post a bit and realized my thoughts were all over the place, and it showed. I guess a blog is a good record of a person's current mental state. And, since we all know I'm totally incoherent, I think I'll head off to knit on something uncomplicated.