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Monday, September 04, 2006

Could It Be?

Is it actually possible that I may have been right that the baby was waiting for Labor Day to go into labor? It's technically Labor Day in the US now, even if the country is enjoying a collective slumber. And, this morning, I awoke extra early to some contractions that differed in intensity from those I have felt thus far. They're not particularly regular at the moment, which is how things started off with Lambchop #2's birth, too. So, I'm thinking today may actually be the day. Don't quote me on that, though, because the baby could just be messing with us again.

Even if it's the mischievous type that would toy with its mommy's emotions even before coming out of the womb, it's at least a considerate younger sibling. I say this because it allowed me to get the kids off to their *contraction* first day of school today. I was really pleased to be able to do that, especially since it's Lambchop #2's first day ever. It's really just preschool, but everyone sends their kids to school at the age of three here, and he actually does seem really excited about it. He's had the privilege of being able to see the place each day when we've taken his sister, and there have been many times when he didn't want to leave. So, today, he's got his chance to stay and see how it all goes. The only worry I have is that he's not fully potty-trained yet. We've tried, but I didn't want to force the issue. Then, when he got sick this summer, it all went down the tubes. This morning, though, he woke up with a fully clean diaper and emptied his bladder on the potty like a big boy. So, there's hope, afterall, and he may just get to stay on in class (they don't take them if they aren't potty-trained). We'll see. It won't kill me if he has to start later, anyway, but since he seems so excited about the idea, I'm betting he'll be potty-trained pretty quickly here. Will that be his gift to Mommy for the birth of the new baby?

Well, I should try to get lunch cooked in advance and maybe throw in a few chores before I'm possibly forced to leave the house for the clinic. I hope everyone has enjoyed their long weekend in the US and continues to enjoy the rest of it. If we're lucky, we can all enjoy the fruits of our labors on this day (especially me!!).