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Friday, September 01, 2006

Hate To Keep You In Suspense

But, there's not much to tell today. I've been asked in the comments if there's a baby in these here parts yet. Unfortunately, the answer is no. I'd love to tell you the suspenseful wait is over, and we've got a girl (or is it a boy?), but I can't. Today is, however, D-Day as far as the witch stick prediction goes (remember my father-in-law with the divining rods? He/the sticks think that the baby should come today). So, we'll at least know if there's anything to that old superstition, right? Of course, as my husband said, he didn't have a million choices of dates when he did it, either. So, it'll be fun to see how his prediction turns out. I did have lots and lots of contractions yesterday, which I was hoping was a sign that I'd get to run off to the clinic in the night, but no such luck. In fact, they pretty much stopped altogether while I slept (or, at least, I didn't feel them, and if you've ever been through labor, you know that's not likely to happen if it's the real thing).

I do have a little bit of knitting to show, though, which will have to wait until I get the camera out for a photo shoot (hopefully later this morning). I finished a little project, which is the nice thing about little projects - they get finished quickly most of the time. I also did some yarn dyeing and started knitting with that yarn right away, since I just couldn't resist. Then, there's the amazing news that I started the body on a sweater for my husband. It's amazing news, because it's the sweater (the name of the pattern currently escapes me, but I'll link to it when I take the picture) I was knitting last winter when my husband misplaced his recently hand-knitted cashmere/wool winter cap only to find that the dog had chewed a huge hole in it. I swore I'd not knit him another thing now that I knew how well he'd take care of stuff. I knew (and most likely blogged about the fact) that I would someday knit for him again. Because, you know, he's so darn cute and irresistible, plus the fact that he's got no decent sweaters anymore. They've all become "work" sweaters, and since his job is a physical one, that's not a good sign. I can't bear to send him to a wine show with a holey sweater to show off to his customers just how artisanally his wine is made (he's really close to nature and all - you know, on great terms with the moths that he feeds daily). Besides, the yarn is pretty large (knit on 5mm/size 8 US) needles, and the body is just ribbing (ha! I typoed "fibbing"), so, it's pretty fast, mindless knitting for me.

So, if we're lucky, you'll see another post later today with pictures of all the fun stuff I've been up to this week. And, if we're REALLY lucky, I'll be at the clinic, and you won't see a single knitting picture today. Only time will tell...