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Friday, August 25, 2006

My Bestest FOs

(Masterpiece #1)

While we wait (and wait and wait) for the opportunity to post some long-awaited baby pictures (yep, I'm still pregnant - why do they call this being "with child"?? I see no child here!), I'll share a couple of shots of my very best finished objects. Like most knitting, they are warm and soft and cuddly. They do, however, talk back a little more than most of my sweaters. They're cuties, though, so they deserve a little place here in the blog today.

(Masterpiece #2)

Now, those of you without children might think of the poopy diapers, the sleepless nights and the terrible twos (which actually often last way longer than just the second year) and wonder why on earth I'd be having a third one. For me, though, all I need to do is look at these smiling faces, and I instantly remember. They make it all worth my while.

And, while we're talking about finished objects, I thought I'd show you some of the more finished looking parts of our new house. Ready?

First off, we have a picture of the larger of the two bedrooms (larger? yes, I said this tiny space was the larger of the two - ouch!). The chestnut hardwood floor is fully installed. Now, we just have to get that thing all waxed and shiny. Perty, ain't it?

Second is a shot of the hardwood floor in the bathroom (scary how it almost looks bigger than that bedroom, huh?). The bathroom, itself, is not fully finished, but this part is, and it's lovely, I think. It's made of some exotic wood whose name currently escapes me. All I can remember is the important stuff, like that it's water resistant and shouldn't get all mildewy. Oh, and that it's a pretty color.

Third is what would have been my favorite wall in the house. It's red, and I find the color so appealingly warm. Problem is, a chunk of paint fell off not long after it was dry. That's because there was, apparently, a hole my husband patched up at one point there. The change in material meant that the paint stuck nicely to the rest of the wall but not to that spot. Not sure how he plans to remedy that situation, but we'll try to concentrate on the color for now.

Well, now I'm off for another morning of chores to see if I can possibly convince this baby it's time to come out and meet the world. Seriously, I've tried everything, including spending almost 3 hours in the garden yesterday (with my 41 inch belly - can you imagine?? If I get any bigger, I'll no longer be able to fit behind the wheel of the car or squeeze into the tiny room our toilet is located in.). I attacked the weeds so I could actually see some plants and got almost 5 gallons of goodies. So, now my plan is to make something with them (mostly tomatoes of different varieties). I'm thinking more tomato sauce (who couldn't use more of that around the house?) and maybe some fun chutneys.

As for knitting FOs, I've got some pictures to share on that front, as well, but I'll let these soak in for a bit first. Oh, and about the baby thing: Last night, I dreamed I had a girl. Of course, I've had dreams that my other children came out walking and talking or with teeth and all sorts of nonsense, so take this with a grain of salt.

Edited to Add: I spent my entire morning dealing with the enormous quantity of tomatoes I picked yesterday. What do I have to show for my work? Some delicious yellow tomato Mexican salsa, even tastier yellow tomato chutney, and an almost-overflowing pot (10 quarts, I think) of tomato-basil sauce. Like I said before, you can never have enough of that stuff, especially since I can even make some fast and delicious tomato-basil soup out of it. Oh, and I threw in a tiny batch of green tomato jelly (Weird? I'm not sure yet.) with those that decided to render themselves early while I was picking yesterday.

And, to top all that off, I was even able to bake three loaves of sourdough bread from a batch I started yesterday. I have to say that this was the perfect mix of flours. Delicious. I just kind of threw it all together with no recipe, but it's a mix of graham flour, rye flour and white flour. Such a great flavor, and the color given by the rye is very appetizing all by itself.