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Friday, December 23, 2005

One Woman Sweatshop

Santa has been very lazy this year. He sent me a little note telling me to do his shopping for him, and oh, by the way, could I possibly throw in some knitting and sewing? Normally, I wouldn't mind (because I like to keep things on good terms with the old guy), but he sure didn't give me much notice. I mean, if it had been up to me, I certainly wouldn't have started the sewing just three days before Christmas. No one in their right mind does that.

So, here I am spending my entire day slaving away with scissors and sewing machine to make a few last minute gifts. One is done: a little sweatshirt/poncho for my husband's wheelchair-bound niece. She's the same age as our daughter, so we've got a pretty good model right here at home. Another is almost done: a pair of corduroy pants (modeled after some Levi's Silver Tabs that fit my husband very well). If I'm lucky, I'll even have enough time to actually finish knitting the last third of that scarf I really need to get done. Tomorrow. Yeah, that'll have to get done tomorrow.

No, wait, we've got surprise visitors. They actually gave us much more notice than most of my husband's friends do. Instead of the usual 10-20 minutes, we were given a whole day to get things in order this time. Too bad it's a couple of days before Christmas, and I really have way too much to do as it is. Anyone feel like coming over and cleaning my neglected kitchen tomorrow morning? I'd ask the elves, but it appears that they are on strike this year. Why else would Santa have me doing all this knitting and sewing right down to the final second before gifts are exchanged?

Pictures tomorrow... or maybe the next day...