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Sunday, September 11, 2005

In Awe of Nature

Chelee commented that she has missed my posts. Well, me too, and it's certainly not intentional avoidance of my blogging "duties" that's kept me away. In fact, it's all because Mother Nature is a mean little bi - well, let's not provoke her anger. We've seen what she is capable of in New Orleans. Here she only ranted and raved for several days last week, causing us to lose power for several hours on Tuesday, cutting off our phone and internet for four days (actually, part of that length of time could arguably be blamed on France Telecom - part of me says I should make a crack about possibly the Bush administration and FEMA apparently heading up phone repairs in Southern France, but another part of me says I should steer clear of politicizing my blog). Anyway, they were apparently working on Saturday since that's when they hooked us back up, so I can't complain TOO much. Oh, and she killed the tv satellite and box that we are also dependent upon to keep us connected with the outside world. So, we had no news of anything for days. I actually resorted to going to three different newsstands in three different towns to finally find an American newspaper for more than a blurb about Katrina and the rescue efforts. I've never felt farther from home. But, all's good now. I've got my phone and internet back, even if the satellite is still messed up.

I have lots of things to share but not enough time to take pictures and share it all this evening. Hopefully, I'll have a moment soon. I've had several yarny things arrived in the mail and am well on my way to two finished objects. Yay! So, some pictures are definitely in order - and soon.

Then, there's the baking/cooking I've done. Of course, there's always the bread I bake a few times a week. But, today I made jam or jelly or whatever your dialect calls it - from melons. I had tasted some at a party recently and liked it. After getting some melons for about 25 cents a pound, I was off on a jelly/jam-making frenzy. It's funny stuff. Tastes a lot like pumpkin pie to me. Mmm. Imagine being able to have that everyday on your toast! Then, we baked madeleines (little French muffin-like cakes that are very buttery) today, too. It was raining just when we wanted to go out, so we used that as a family activity. And, let me just say that Lambchop #1 makes a mean madeleine.

So, pictures will come later. I swear. For now, it's dinner time, and I need to diaper the little one before he deposits gifts around the floor for me.