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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Age of Enlightenment... apparently 30, because I'm really learning a lot in these last few posts. Thanks, Jenifer, for letting me know a "translation" of that song exists. I did a little search, as I'm known to do, and came up with a page. It may not be the one you found funny, but it's a "translation" of the song, anyway. Here it is. Notice at the bottom of the page, where they talk about how hollaback girl is slang for cheerleader, and where the idea for the song came from. I don't get the idea, personally, from reading the lyrics that she is taking issue with the promiscuousness people often associate with cheerleaders, especially given the fact that she apparently was called a cheerleader and basically said "yeah, what of it?".

Combining the info I got from the earlier chat site with that from this page, I'm thinking she's saying she may be a cheerleader but she isn't a follower. She's the leader. And, she's willing to take all those bad connotations and shove them wherever on the body of the accuser strikes her fancy. Incidentally, it's not at all a song about a girl being mad at a guy, as the earlier chat site had stated. Her saying "dude" isn't for a guy. As Jenifer noted, you could even call your own mom dude. My guess is this song is just a "kiss my dairy-air" kind of song for all those who might spread rumors or judge others. Ideal for high school, I'd say.

Umm, yeah, I know what you're thinking -way too much time on my hands. What can I say? Apparently my undergraduate degree in English Literature and Linguistics has left a permanent mark on my brain. I'll analyze just about anything, I guess. Anyway, at least I ain't no hollaback girl.